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Things I wasn’t expecting about being a student

Being a student I think is a really amazing, exciting and adventurous time. Before I was a student at a university I had pictures in my head of how it might be. Since I’m in university for my second year now, I can tell you that there are things I wasn’t expecting about being a student. I don’t mean something bad with it. There were and are good and bad unexpected things.


You can do whatever you want. You are responsible for your time at university and the rest of your life. This is so awesome. It gives you the freedom to plan your day, activities and more.

Learning a lot

You learn so much while being a student. Not only have I learned something about my studies, but more importantly about life and myself. Every day shows me what I am capable of and what my strengths are. This is a really great time to figure out what you can do and what you can work on. Maybe you are thinking that you could never live alone and work the whole household. Let’s see, you might be really impressed what you are capable of.

Going grocery shopping

Going grocery shopping is harder than it sounds. Before I was a student I could always ask my parents if I could take their car. Now that I don’t have a car, I have to walk and carry everything with me. Sounds like I’m weakly, but carrying around a backpack with all your groceries plus a six-pack of 1.5l water, is like working out at a gym. So sometimes I wish that it would be easier to go grocery shopping.

Living away from home/family/friends

Moving into a new city (or sometimes country) is a big challenge. Some people really miss their family and others miss hanging out with friends. I think this depends on your personality. I’m fine with living away from home, because I know that it is a great opportunity to meet new friends. But I am also really excited to go home on some weekends and see family and friends.


All in all being a student is an amazing experience you wouldn’t want to miss. And I think a big part of being a student is to cope with all these new situations. So don’t freak out and just try your best! There are other students with similar uncertainties and it is up to you how you cope with it.

nadineNadine is an Erasmus student from Germany. She is studying Social Science in Limerick for two semesters. She loves to work with people, do sports and explore Ireland.

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