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Opinion: The media still has work to do regarding the Kerry Babies case

000f3cdf-2000Audrey Galvin (School of Culture & Communication) wrote for RTE’s Brainstorm about the Kerry Babies case. She says that Joanne Hayes may have received apologies from the state and the gardaí, but there is still unfinished business in the case:

“Little was said about those who levelled these charges against her and few photographs were printed of these men who perpetrated this crime against her. Few appear to have sought interviews and answers from them. Articles on the new Caherciveen investigation continue to be accompanied by pictures of Hayes, even though the state and gardaí have established she has no link to that baby. Where are the pictures of the guards, on whose behalf serving gardaí are now apologising, and those in the legal profession who cross-examined her so harshly at a public tribunal?”

Read the full article here: 

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