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Housing Law and Policy Online module launched for September 2018


The School of Law is delighted to announce that it has launched its intake for “Housing Law and Policy Online”, a collaboration between the School of Law, UL, and Community Law and Mediation. Housing Law and Policy, which commences in September, builds on the success of the module delivered online for the first time in Autumn 2017.

CLM_1Housing Law and Policy online will examine the provision of housing and the different types of housing supports available in Ireland. The aim of this module is to provide students with an understanding of the legal and policy issues surrounding housing law – an area of law attracting increasing attention and controversy at both a national and international level.

  • This course is aimed at those working or interested in the area of Housing Law.
  • CPD Credit: Up to 10 hours eLearning for practicing solicitors.
  • The module is worth 6 ECTS at Level 8.

The module is taken over 12 weeks (one semester). It will be delivered mostly online with at least one optional face to face workshop. The module will incorporate online lectures, a student guide, interactive learning elements and recommended readings.

“I found the course really interesting and easy to understand for someone who is not of a legal background… It was my first online course but the support and encouragement of everyone involved was just fantastic.” Collette Collins – Money Adviser


“This course struck a perfect balance between understanding the law and the law in practice. I would highly recommend it.” Lorraine Heffernan – Solicitor

To download the flyer for the module or to apply online, please visit

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