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Some Early Thoughts on the Integrated CSO

Criminal Justice in Ireland

Eoin Guilfoyle
In this short blog post, I will set out some of my thoughts on the Integrated CSO that is being piloted in Ireland. Unfortunately, to date, there has been very little information put out into the public domain about the sanction and how it is operating. While the Probation Service have indicated that there will be an evaluation of the pilot scheme, according to the Penal Policy Implementation Oversight Group (fifth report) this has yet to be done. My thoughts are, therefore, based primarily on the potential of the concept rather than the actual operation of the sanction and should be read with this in mind.

The Existing CSO
The standard Community Service Order (CSO) that currently operates in Ireland is designed to be punitive and to be symbolically reparative. It punishes offenders through the deprivation of their leisure time and allows for symbolic reparation through the…

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