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PhD Life Hacks: What worked for me and my PhD – July 2020

In July 2020, the PhD Life Hacks topic was What worked for me and my PhD and once again, the topic was chosen by the AHSS Postgraduate community. The session was organised by Dr Niamh Lenahan and it took place on Microsoft Teams.

Postgraduates within AHSS were speakers at the event. Robert Collins, History who completed his viva voce recently gave advice on managing your time between research and teaching and also spoke about preparation for the viva voce. Beth Duane, a School of Law researcher shared helpful hints and strategies with the PhD community that included being aware of research experts in your area of research and sourcing funding opportunities. Michelle Daly an MLAL postgraduate researcher looked at the importance of identifying your productive time and then planning your wheel-of-productivity based around that time. She gave an insight into alleviating times of isolation and stress by getting involved in research related activities and networks. Tracy McAvinue a postgraduate researcher with School of EIC discussed the importance of connecting with your PhD community and also attending conferences where PhD researchers can disseminate their work and avail of networking opportunities.

All of the PhD researchers shared their knowledge and tested techniques with the attendees. There was a good attendance from the PhD student community whose comments and feedback were very positive. The seminar was recorded and the ppt slides are all available on Microsoft Teams.

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