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Gantt Chart – Monday 21 September 2020

In September 2020, Prof. Ross Macmillan, Chair in Sociology, gave a workshop on how to put together a Gantt diagram for research proposals.  The session was organised by Dr Niamh Lenahan and it took place on Microsoft Teams.

Prof. Macmillan explained that a Gantt is a visual representation of a work flow which  specifies when particular aspects of a project will be initiated and when they will be completed.   It is used to inform overseers (e.g., IRC, ERC, H2020) of the overall plan of work and when it will be completed.  A Gantt chart can signal how feasible or realistic a proposal is.

The workshop was interactive with students answering questions on ‘chat’ posed by Prof. Macmillan.  A sample Gantt chart was completed during the workshop. Postgraduates within AHSS and KBS attended the workshop. The seminar was recorded and the ppt slides are available on Microsoft Teams.

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