Ireland in the European Eye

Ireland in the European Eye by Gisela Holfter and Bettina Migge (RIA, 2019)

A comprehensive survey of Ireland’s place in Europe, providing a detailed narrative of a cultural relationship that began with Irish missionaries bringing Christianity and learning to the continent. How have Ireland and her people and culture been perceived and represented in Europe? Twenty-two internationally renowned experts address this question through contributions on film, music, art, architecture, media, literature and European Studies.

With contributions from: David Clark, Fiorenzo Fantaccini, Anna Fattori, Joachim Fischer, Paul Gillespie, Anne Karhio, Linda King, Joanna Kosmalska, Marieke Krajenbrink, Brigid Laffan, Fergal Lenehan, Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith, Edward Moxon-Browne, Lynda Mulvin, Anna Ní Ghallachair, Éamon Ó Ciosáin, Thomas O’Connor, Mervyn O’Driscoll, Finola O’Kane, Harry White.

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